Main Stereo Outputs 1 and 2 MISSING in list

We have an FP10 interface that we have used with the Cubase LE software thats come with it multiple years ago. I recently had a brand new computer built. Our previous computer used Windows XP. The new computer uses windows 7. I have the latest FP10 driver installed but still having problems. In the VST Connections I setup the inputs 1-8 like theyre suppose to be. In the output section I click stereo and it ONLY shows outputs 1-8 as well as SPDIF 9 and 10. There is NOT a main out 1 and 2 like there should be. This same problem occurred in Studio One. I even tried the ASIO4ALL driver.

I can set tracks to whatever input I choose. I can record and the waveform looks fine on the recording. I just cant hear any play back and there is NO way to set main output 1 or 2. Theyre just simply not in the list.

Additionally and surely related, if I use the FP10 as the main output device in windows, the playback is very distorted and almost sounds like an 8 bit Nintendo. All windows sounds like windows start up and shutdown sound like this.

Im wondering if we should just put XP on the new computer?

Hi and welcome,

Most often the “Main Out 1-2” is just the “Output 1-2”. Or you can set it up in the Audio Device Control Panel. Sorry, I don’t know the FP10 (What vendor is it?).

But if you have the same issue with other SW, it’s on the driver side. Just find out, how to route your output to the “Main Out 1 and 2”.