Main Volume Curve - Help!

When I import a MIDI file, the main volume curve (CC7) seems to be imported (there is curve data there) but it is very light yellow and I can’t seem to edit, copy or do anything with the curve data. Can anyone tell me why this is?


Where can you see it? As the automation curve? Open Key Editor. In the lower side, you can see velocities of every single MIDI Note. Here, you can change the settings to display any MIDI Controller. Switch to Main Volume (CC7). Here, you can edit it.

Martin, thanks. That’s the problem. I can see the curve in the bottom of the key editor. It’s a very light yellow color. I can’t select it there, or do anything with it.


OK, it seems, the Volume (CC7) i written as an automation curve than. Open the automation line in the track (here), and from the parameter, click “More…”, and then select Volume. This is an automation of the CC7 for the MIDi track.

It should be noticed, that a MIDI file only contains MIDI data, therefore it should not appear as an automation, but as MIDI data. Could you post a screenshot of bot the project window and the open MIDI editor?

I suppose, that what you see as yellow flags, are System Exclusive data, which is not a controller, but I am guessing here.

Hope this helps.


Here is the Key Editor. You have to look closely, see the yellow line? It parallels any curve that I draw in, but also has its own curve if there was controller data in the MIDI import file.

Can’t do anything with the yellow line. It would be ideal if I could use it somehow, since it’s information already recorded in Notion, where I exported the MIDI file.
Untitled.tiff (244 KB)


This is definitely the automation of the controller, as I wrote. But it’s not a Volume (CC7), but this one is Expression (CC11). In the Project window, right-click to the MIDI (or Instrument) track, and select Show Used Automation (Selected Tracks) from the pop-up menu.

Now, you can see the automation track of the MIDI CC11, and you can edit it.

See attached screenshot.
Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.30.34.png