Main window doesn’t always follow the cursor back to the start

What I normally do is press ‘,’ and this puts the cursor at the start of the track, and the main window jumps to this position as well. Sometimes ill stop the track while it’s playing, and press ‘.’ and although the cursor jumps back, the main window doesnt change until play back starts again. Nothing else is changing. The window is following the cursor up to that point.
It doesnt always happen, so I’m sure my settings are correct. Ive also noticed if i jump to a marker first, and then press ‘,’ i get the expected behaviour and everything is back to the first bar.
What am i doing wrong or missing?


It looks like a re-draw issue. I haven’t seen this. Do you use HiDPI screen? Are you on Mac or Windows? What graphic card do you use?

I’m using a 4K screen but only at 1080p. Windows 10. GPU is a GTX750i
Ive had HiDPI on and off, it doesnt make a difference.
Not sure if it’s relevant but CB always starts with the Safe Mode screen where it offers a few options. Seems to be running ok though.

Ive had another couple of crashes where Cubase has mentioned the GPU. Is it worth me changing it to something else (not necessarily better). Both these crashes were with only using stock plugins, and in fact the second was on opening Cubase.
I have read ATI cards work better. Is there a list of recommended cards?