Main window settings question

I just recently acquired cubaseai10 and supposedly cubasele10…I still haven’t been sure of what versions of cubase I have I took advantage of the cubasele10 update and got cubasele10 full in the Steinberg download manager ($9.99) , I still have yet to distinguish between cubasele8-cubasele10-cubaseai10 I’m really confused because I already had cubasele8 and acquired cubaseai10 through the Steinberg ur22 mkll purchase and the cubasele10 recent voucher offer…it just seems to me that there should be a shortcut on the desktop for each seperate one…it ends up Al in the main window…but anyway my question is how do I keep the parts or panels showing in the main window…I select the inspector windows or lower or left pane or whatever but they don’t stay that way like in cubasele8…can anyone tell me how to keep the window the same every time I open the daw? I cannot find preferences in cubaseai10 like they are in cubasele8…


Cubase LE/AI/Elements is an only one executable. So it depends only on the license, which derivate would start. If you have Cubase LE license, Cubase LE will start, if you have Cubase AI license, Cubase AI will start.

Cubase LE and AI are almost the same. AI has better integration with Yamaha/Steinberg hardware. Therefore I would recommend you to use Cubase AI 10.

Your 2nd question is answered in your duplicate post.