Mains Hum 50hz problem


I posted this on the C12+ forum but, seeing as I record into Cubase6, I thought I’d post here too owing to more traffic.

I took delivery of a C12+ from Steinberg today and it works well. However, even after I have installed the latest drivers from Steinberg’s website, I get a very loud 50hz hum with my AKG C3000 microphone.

I’ve tried 4 different cables but it still persists when recording into my laptop in the UK.

Can anyone recommend a good ‘hum eliminator’ that will allow me to plug my C3000 into it via XLR and then out into Cubase 6? It’s clearly a mains hum problem so I need recomendations for a good XLR mains hum filter if there is such a thing.


Does the hum vanish when laptop is on battery power?


Then this is clearly the wrong forum…

Hi Tony,

No - I’ve tried it on battery rather than mains but it still persists (although not as bad).


any other suggestions?