Mains Output Peak


I am not a professional producer and a I still play around with Cubase AI to teach myself with productions.

I am struggling with the Mains output that peaks.

I have 10 tracks recorded. If I mute all tracks an the select to listen to each track as SOLO, the track output and the mains output is well below the peak levels. Once I listen to all tracks simultaneously the individual tracks does not peak but the MAINS OUTPUT peaks. Even if I put the fader to the lowest volume where you can’t hear anything it still peaks.

I do not know what I am doing wrong during the recording or setup.

Can someone guide me towards ways to get this right?

South Africa

Lower the faders of the individual tracks, leave the master fader at 0dB.

And in addition there are post fader metering and meter input available in Cubase. In your case, You´d probably want the meters set to post fader.