Maintaining note duration status when switching staves

Is there any way that some time in the future we could have an option to preserve note duration in Write mode so that when one switches staffs the note value does not reset to quarter note/crotchet?

For example I’d like to skip from the bass staff of a keyboard to the treble staff and keep entering eighths (for example), but if I’m not careful, the note value switches to quarter note when I’m not looking and I have to re-enter the notes once I discover my mistake.

Can you provide a bit more information about when you find the note value changes? If I move the caret around with the arrow keys between staves, I don’t find that the note duration chosen in the notes panel changes unbidden, whether I am moving between different staves belonging to the same instrument, or different instruments, and whether or not I have a time signature or am working in open meter.

If I double-click to move from staff to staff (not always directly up or down) the note value resets, usually to a quarter-note (although context sometimes alters the note value).

Ah, yes, that will happen, and it’s actually by (the current, at any rate) design. When you double-click to move the caret, you’re actually exiting and re-entering note input, so the duration is reset in the same way that it would be if you simply double-clicked on the new staff without already being in note input.

In 4/4, if I dbl click the start of a measure, the note duration changes to a whole note, if I do the same in 6/8 it changes to a dotted half note. Anywhere else it changes to a quarter note. I agree it would be nice if Dorico didn’t make any assumptions about what note durations I want to enter next, when the caret is activated … :slight_smile: