maintaining pan postition

I have read some similar posts regarding the following issue. None of them seemed to come to a conclusion that I understood.

I have 2 audio tracks - channel A and channel B

A is panned hard right and B is panned hard left.

I open a stereo group channel track

I activate a send on channel A and B to go to the same group channel track.

If I solo channel A (panned hard right) and listen to the group channel, I still hear stereo sound from left and right.
Why am I not able to maintain the pan position with my group track?

Why should the group channel track cause channel A that’s panned hard right, to come out from both sides?

Please help!


Because you obviously did not adjust the send pannig - If it is available depends on your used software.

Alright then, how do I adjust the send panning? I’m running Cubase 6.5.

You open the channel edit window, configure it to show the send panners (if it doesn’ t already), then adjust the panners. Or link the send panners to the main panners in preferences.

When you said “configure” that didn’t give me the direction as to “how” It would have been easier to understand if you had said "right click on empty space in the channel edit window, go to “customise view” select “send routing” and “control strip”.

Those two options have obvious names but were a pain to locate. I was constantly looking elsewhere for send routing options.

Thank you though, I found it!

It would have been easiest to simply type “send routing’” or “send panning” into the search function of the PDF manual. First result had brought you to that. Had saved you a lot of time. I do understand though that opening a manual is too uncomfortable for many people. Well, it´s sometimes too uncomfortable for me to explain things that can relatively easy be found yourself.

No worries mate! I have read through the first 120 pages of the manual - seriously, and then I tried to locate the chapter that explains send routing. I didn’t because thought it was called something else. Its on page 198 - Oh well…

I am never scared to read the manual! I would never manage without it.

Now listening to a happy stereo group channel… :smiley:

I have Cubase 6.5 Arist. I can’t seem to find this button that puts stereo input on.
How’d I this!? :frowning:

No, you can’ t…

So this is causing me the same problems. Is this able to be done, i.e. keeping the left to right pan of the tracks the same when you put them in a group track, for Artist 7? I have been looking for the solution you stated but dont see those things available on my version of Cubase7 artist.

Another way to make things come out wrong (I believe I have done this before) is to have a mono group chosen. Unlike audio tracks which use the 1 circle vs 2 circle method to identify their mono/stereo configuration, the Group tracks don’t have an indicator in the Track itself. I think I open up the fader (to see if it’s a mono or stereo pan) to tell me.

Yes it is.

I dont understand some people… Why reply to a question on a forum with “read the manual”. Not only does it waste the time of the person who posted the question, but also the rest of the world when they have to scroll through 10 different threads instead of 3 to find some simple info. Not to mention this filth will remain on 'the web and pollute my google searches for decades to come.

I hope you’re reading this!!!