Maintaining Preferred Note Durations in a Choral/Piano Chart

Newbie needs help!

I have an open SATB choral score and I’m adding a piano staff (for rehearsal only). (By the way, if there’s an easy way to turn the SATB parts into a piano score, I’d sure love to know about that!)

Anyway, the Soprano and Alto parts (for example), do not always share the same rhythms. As a result, Dorico insists on changing my dotted-quarter-to-eight pattern into a quarter tied to two eights. (See the screen shot and the red rectangles.) I’ve read several discussions about locking note durations, and I don’t think that any of that works when inputting multiple notes per staff, as in a piano score.

This default behavior is maddening, and it ruins the elegance of typical notation. I would think that Dorico would have a setting for “do what I told you, and don’t change it around.”

Am I missing something? Here’s my screen shot.

For notes with differing rhythms, you would need to enter the alto part as Downstem Voice 1. While in note input, press Shift-V to create a new downstem voice. Use V to toggle between existing voices.

But there is indeed an automatic way. Use Paste Special—Reduce.

Yes, as Dan says, Dorico will do this effortlessly if you select the two parts, Copy, then Paste > Reduce into the piano right hand.

Dorico will put the Alto part into a 2nd voice, which will allow different rhythms from the first voice.