Maintaining Tempo from Simple Time to Compound

How do I notate the tempo direction, quarter note equals dotted quarter note? I should be able to indicate this above the top system (and above each instrument group, and also have this appear in the parts). Is this yet possible in Dorico?

Also, when I tried to use an aggregate Time Signature, 6/8 +3/4, Dorico seems to think everything is in 6/8 instead of allowing me to change note values to 3/4 whenever the music calls for that. How do I make Dorico allow me to change note value contextually using an aggregate signature, so that I don’t have to notate time signature change every time this happens in the music?

Finally, is there specific text for notating da capo and related text and symbols and having them playback?

As to your first question, see this thread:

Someone else will chime in soon on the other two points, I’m sure.

Thank you.

Question #2: If you do not want to change time signatures every time you switch from 6/8 to 3/4, then you will likely have to use Forced Duration (O) for the 3/4 measures.

Question #3: No repeat structures can play back yet. The Team is working on it but not (IIRC) for the upcoming update. Text repeats (D.C. etc.) Would be entered as text (SHIFT+X) or as system text (ALT+SHIFT+X).

Question #2: You’re talking about aggregate time signatures - do you want to switch from 6/8 to 3/4 every other bar (like America)? If so, typing 6/8 + 3/4 in the popover gives you what you want automatically.

If you only want occasional 3/4 bars, Derrek is right that Forced Duration might be the easiest solution. Be aware though that time signatures easily can be hidden from the properties panel (cmd+8 / ctrl+8). If you have Signposts enabled (View -> Signposts -> Time Signatures), you can easily copy them by selecting them and alt+clicking the desired location. One of the advantages of this method over Forced duration is that you can copy music freely without having to clean up the note groupings.

Yes. It is alternating signature that occur frequently. I inputted this via the signature panel on the right and got the behavior I described above. I haven’t tried a popover option, but I’ll give it a try of course. Thanks.