Maintenance Update VST Live 1.0.10 – Now available

Dear all,

the maintenance update VST Live 1.0.10 is now available via the Steinberg Download Assistant.

The update contains multiple fixes and improvements. You will find the list in the Version History.

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And where is Apple Silicone compatibility?!
It is still intel only app. What a joke, but not funny anymore…
Please remove “Apple Silicone Native App” from your product page asap.
This is just blatant false advertising!

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… we have removed the Apple Silicon Support from the specs. If you see still see it on the product page, please let es know.

Thank you

HI there, please note that the www page for VST Live Downloads cannot be found from the Support/Downloads menu, if you look for VST Live in alphabetic order you won’t find it but there will be “Backbone” instead. Cheers.

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and that menu link goes here:

Hi Michael,
I purchased this product specifically because it said the M1 architecture was supported.
I haven’t even got round to using it yet and have just read this.
Do you have any plans for M1 support?


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… we are trying to get it added to the next update (1.0.20).

See you,

Me too

Thank you for making us aware. The German page was just fine but the English one had an error. Should work now.

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That’s great news, thanks Michael.