Maintenance Update VST Live 1.0.20 now available

Dear all,

the latest maintenance update VST Live 1.0.20 is now available via Steinberg Download Assistant.

This update contains multiple bug fixes and performance improvements such as:

  • Apple Silicon Support
  • Change order of layers
  • Change order of tracks
  • Change order of stacks
  • MIDI events follow project tempo
  • Select previous track after a track was deleted
  • Handle C-key event
  • Drop multi audio, MIDI, video files to track area
  • Drag MIDI file to workspace

To find a full list, check out the Version History


It is now Apple M processor happy :slight_smile:
Thank you :slight_smile:

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It´s getting better!
But some things haven´t been fixed:
1-Still need to switch on the midi controller before starting VL, once started VL it doesn´t recognice a new connection.
2- Views tabs are not saved with project.
3- Missing “e” button from lower zone Mixer.
4- Pre roll not working
5- When I drop a midi pattern from EZdrummer to a midi track it´s not in sync with metronome. If I run it from EZdrummer it is in sync.

what you mean “switch on”, what controller, where?
2) coming
3) coming
4) what you mean “not working”? Note that “Preroll” is really “Precount” (or count-in), and Click (Metronome) needs to activated for it to happen.
5) will check that, thanks.

1- I use a Behringer midi controller, if it´s not powered on before starting VL it won´t be recongnized.
4- When activating Pre roll precount does not happens, it just starts playing tracks and metronome.

  1. VST Live deliberately does not scan for device changes once started, it may cause dropouts and lockups which you don’t want during a live show.
  2. Precount is only active when recording.

Hi @diegoalejo15

… have you tried 1.0.20? It already works with that version.

See you,

2- ok I see, it would be useful if it work in play mode as well. ie. my drummer shoots the song and needs a precount, I know how to workaround it but anyway…

yes I´ve tried it, it does not work, it´s out of sync.

1- you could add an option to scan if one need it and avoid having to close VL and start it again, just a simple "refresh devices " button as all Daws have, just an idea.

Makes sense, but should be an option. Usually you arrange your project with a “headstart”.

Sometimes still has lags while switching Parts. Usually whe you first start project
And ASIO performance is still poor - chaotic spikes on CPU meter. Will try at my live setup today

Only 1 plugin per stack and all gone to red :((((

Use the files/preload function and there should be no more hickups.

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“all gone to red” I assume you mean CPU?
which plugin?

AmpRoom and Trigger, nothing more in that project. The problem is that previous stacks don’t off when the next part begins and they are layered one by one. Sometimes I got this bug in previous version, but now it happens almost every time I run the app

…the mute tool does not work on midi tracks…

adding just 3 Amplitube 5 stacks with nothing else and CPU goes to 100%.
Windows 10 64 bits, Ryzen 7, 16 GB RAM.

… thank you! Fixed with the next update,