Maintenance Update VST Live 1.0.40 – now available

1- The setlist window width is not saved, if you activate the lower zone it´s saved for all projects and the same happens with Views tabs, i.e. if you just want to have layers,stacks and tracks checked it´s saved for all projects.
3- Nexus 3, Arturia Pigments, Amplitube, Overloud TH-U, etc…
4- ok, buts this doesn´t make sense, why do I have to click 3 buttons to start recording? why doesn´t it start recording with just the transport record button and the track record?

He means the manual. It is in the making.

cannot confirm with Pigments on Windows, can type “c” or anything else w/o problems.
Particular instructions how to reproduce? I did: new project, set Layer to Pigments, save preset, type “abcde”.

I canconfirm the issue:
New project-set Layer to Pigments, “save preset as” (inside pigments, I´m not talking about saving a VL plugin preset recently implemented) if type “c” the metronome is activated, if hit space start/stop activated, for any other character I have to type it twice to see the letter appear in the name box.

Just had a bluescreen while saving.

I cannot see songs anymore in the current project and cannot add any.
It´s not empty, though.
Had to dump it and start a new one from scratch.

Also an incredible bug: When trying to save a changed preset in a NI VST instrument i cannot type [space], instead the start/stop gets triggered. Same with other hotkeys.

Also drag&drop of songs not working in the left list.

Steinberg WHERE IS YOUR QM???

Import VLSPRJ is now completely broken - can’t even import a simple project containing a single wav or aif file - just crashes.

… can you please have a look if VL saved a crash file to the following folder?
Windows : C:\Users\ (your user name) \Documents\Steinberg\CrashDumps
Mac : /Users/your_username/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/vstlive
Do you see any VST Live files?

Thank you,

… I see. I am sorry. We’ll have a look to it!

It’s a MacBook and users/[username]/Library does not exist.

However I have found /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports without the vstlive folder. These were in the DiagnosticReports folder…
vstlive-2022-08-07-194824.ips (50.0 KB)
vstlive-2022-08-07-194757.ips (48.6 KB)
vstlive-2022-08-07-194604.ips (49.9 KB)
vstlive-2022-08-07-194534.ips (49.8 KB)

I have to commend the very good improvements here. We tested the new “song end actions” and the “next song / previous song actions” all weekend and they work perfectly, much to our delight here even with different midi hardware. In the next step we will take care of the use of videos and graphics (the use of Images is still very important to us) and the control of the lighting system.
We are already very satisfied with the current improvements and will use VST Live at our performances in the future.

Ouch…“inside”…I see. Micha is on the case. Sorry.

We are on the case, see

Yes, thanks for the song end actions!

Is there any chance we could have an indication in the song header (by the tempo/time signature) so we know what it’s going to do. That would save a menu dive every time we want to check.

Video totally unusable.
Green cubes, artefacts, video output mis-match etc etc.

green rectangle fixed with hotfix next days. output mismatch pls. elaborate.

  • When I e.g. resize to fullscreen and back there is “phantom” video like PIP in video
  • When I switching video Outs video does not play in windows which is set as out and I need reset connections and set outs again
    *Usually this is done with 2 video tracks when I set out to one Video out and then switch to 2 separate outs.
    Everytime I play with video tracks a couple of minutes there are some issues.
    Probably I did not understand video workflow of VST Live
    I bought it primarily for audio backing tracks for live, but somwhere is LED screens available to feed som clips during show.

So far, no patches hanging.

I have noticed that my Komplete S49 is no longer being recognised under that name, but instead as Midi In 1 .

Also, I just had it not recognise my Focusrite Solo 2I2, but after closing VL, restarting the Focusrite, it now works,

in Devices/Connections you can add or remove Ports. “MIDI IN 1” is the visual name, to the right is the associated hardware Port (“nc” means “Not connected”).

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Should be fixed with v 1.0.41

This works, but you are right that there is still some confusion with video monitor naming with multiple video tracks. It works ok when you use the default names for the video monitors (i.e. “Video:Video1”). Next version will fix this.