Maj7 fra parentesi

non riesco a mettere le parentesi a △7 nella sigla accordale; le vorrei come per la (5+) dell’allegato.
Ringrazio a chi mi darà una risposta.

Hmm, I can’t get it to appear either. I was assuming this setting would work,

but it doesn’t appear to work with the triangle. I think this is probably a bug as this parenthesis setting works either way with every other option except the triangle.

It’s a pain, but you can edit them individually in Engrave mode if you want.


Grazie per avermi risposto.
Speriamo che questo bug venga risolto; come si fa a segnalarlo a Daniel?
Buona Musica.

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The development team reads everything on the forum. Hopefully if it’s really a bug and there isn’t some triangle override setting we’ve missed, it’s now been noted.

Grazie ancora per la tua risposta.

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