Major audio dropouts In C11.0.10 in both mixdown modes

This is very annoying , 7 times today i had between 2 and 4 second audio drop outs in my mix downs today , it’s not the first time but today it took 5 attempts to get one mixdown completed , very frustrating . Has anyone else has this issue , the only thing ive added since updating from C11 is an Ilok for Sonnox inflator


Could you try to export without using the Sonnox Inflator. It would be nice to know, if it’s in Cubase or in the plug-in.

Could you please provide more information about your Export settings? Realtime/Offline, File type, Format, Sample Rate…

Of course , will try in a bit , if you reboot the PC it seems to mix down fine so it seems like it’s loosing contact with some device . exporting 48,24 in real time or normal makes no odds . it just means at the moment rebooting before mixing down