Major bug when copying region in multiple tracks

There appears to be a major bug that, unless I’m doing something wrong (which is very likely!), makes it impossible to edit a multichannel montage.

I’m trying to upload screenshots but keep getting the error “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.” I’ve reduced the file size of each .jpeg to < 100 kB but still can’t upload them. I’ll try my best to describe the issue.

The montage consists of 2 stereo tracks: an M-S pair and a conventional stereo track. Everything always needs to be in sync, so this should basically be edited like a mono recording.

Making a selection across all 4 channels (i.e., both stereo tracks) and copying it (via the keyboard shortcut cmd-C on macOS 12.2.1) fails to copy the highlighted selection. Instead it copies the very beginning of all 4 channels.

Copying one channel at a time does copy the highlighted range; however, it would be next to impossible to work like this on a large project.

I’m trying to figure out if I need to use track groups or lanes to edit such a project.

Thanks in advance for any insights or for confirmation of this bug.

Looks like to keep tracks in sync while editing a montage, Auto Grouping → Siblings needs to be switched on.

There’s still the issue of WL (11.0.30) copying the beginning of tracks rather than the highlighted region. As far as I can tell this is a bug, unless someone can enlighten me.

Well, looks like I made a novice mistake: Apparently there’s a difference between highlighting a region and actually selecting it. Maybe WL uses different vocabulary, but it seems that the selection needs to be dark grey rather than light grey in order to copy and paste to work as expected. If it’s light grey then the bug is triggered (or at least what still seems to me like a bug).

Maybe this is what the manual describes as “selected” vs. “active” clips?