Major CPU drain in Cubase 9 Pro

Long story short, I have a custom PC with i7, 16g. To get the Raven MTi to work properly, I needed to upgrade to Cubase9Pro, and Windows 10Pro. Now I am noticing that the CPU is getting banged around pretty hard, even on pretty small projects. I usually run the buffer at 128, and it’s never been a problem. This project is around 10 audio tracks, 3 EZ drummers, and maybe 20 plugins total. This would have been NOTHING on my Windows 7 home and Cubase 8.
Any thoughts, suggestions, reprimands, etc? Thanks~

I’ve noticed that you might need to do some basic checking to see if you can get those spikes to go away.
Check RME driver/firmware as win10, that can be a big one. I recently had to do a big reinstall of RME driver by manual deleting all things related to it… Took me several tries but finally got it installed cleanly without any overlap from previous versions.
same for video drivers, etc. power settings… all that.
I also find that performance varies if/when you might have other applications running (eg browser, music). So do a restart then do your testing and checking things at that time.
Those spikes are often related to other background application, too. I use LatencyMon to see if/where those are impacting things.
The win10 system, I find, needs to be setup or results (especially with ASIO) varies… At least it has for me.

Other RME tweak - like disable and manage the WDM settings or the multi-client settings (off).

Then in some plugins like Kontakt which are multi-threaded turn those off as the host can handle that itself.

gl, hope some of that helps.

if not check some other Win10 setup advices threads for more ideas.

I feel for you in this. It can be a pain to solve sometimes. You will have to check your running processes and make sure you don’t have something chewing up cycles. As beerbong said, get Latency Monitor if you don’t have it. This is an invaluable tool for troubleshooting. It will tell you what the most processor heavy items that are running on your machine. In my experience almost all issues that have had with Cubase are related to other processes running in the background taking power needed for audio processing.