Major CPU Spikes since updating to Sierra (ASIO Guard related)

My Mac has been rock solid with V9 since the start, with no graphics or CPU glitches. However, having just updated to Sierra, I’m having CPU spikes.

I’ve discovered that turning off ASIO guard pretty much resolves the issue, but this was no problem on previous OS.

I was forced to upgrade since I was having issues with Izotope software, and they advised the only solution was to upgrade to Sierra.

Any one else had similar issues?



I’m pn Sierra with 9 and have not had this issue, no. Must be frustrating as hell, I can imagine. I wonder if a clean install would help? Though, I upgraded to Sierra from whatever the last one was (not a clean install).

I did experience a rise in CPU usage, but it was only slight. Sorry to hear you’ve been hit with this.