MAJOR Cubase Artist 6.5 crashing problems - please help

I cannot even begin to describe how angry I am now. After having problems during the installation process I thought 2 hours ago that my Cubase Artist 6.5 upgrade trial was at an end. Now it seems it has only just begun.

The software crashes within five minutes every time I open it, the second time crashing my entire PC with it. After restart my PC worked fine and then bluescreened without the software even being started, something it had never done until this evening and my installation of this new Cubase software. :cry:

This is all on Windows 7 64 bit.

I’m seriously at a loss as to what to do right now. My PC is instructing me to remove any new software installed that may be causing the crash but I paid £200 odd for this which is a fairly large amount of money for someone on as tight a budget as me. I have sent support request to Steinberg but I hold out little or no hope that they will actually reply so have come here.

Frankly at the moment I have had such a miserable experience with it over the last few hours that I am leaning towards selling the software along with my e-licencer and letting someone else have it.

I’d really appreciate any thoughts anyone may have as to what I can do.



Some system specs would be helpful.
What’s your audio interface?
What version of Cubase are you upgrading from?
Any third-party VSTs installed?
What else is currently running?
What was the bluescreen reason (if you caught it)?

What kind of problems?

Be patient.

I can understand days of problems, but it does take a little bit to properly set up DAW software. Don’t be so hasty to get rid of good software.

Quick diagnosis on my part is that something in your system is to blame. However, we need specs and specifics to further diagnose. Keep calm and don’t blame Cubase immediately, and a combination of this forum, you, and Steinberg support can get through this.

You could also try uninstalling and reinstalling Cubase. Could be a corrupted install due to the problems you had while installing the update.

Have you installed update 6.5.2? That update fixes some artist related crashes.

Thanks. I can’t put up any more info now cause I don’t have time but will try and do so this evening.

Whilst it may seem to you like an overreaction it is not the fact that the software is crashing that is bugging me it is the fact that since I installed it, it has caused my computer to crash as well - I do rather rely on my computer to do my job and this computer has had NO problems whatsoever since I bought it until last night so I am going to reserve the right to be pretty annoyed if that’s ok :laughing: