MAJOR dropouts - works better with PT9 than C6

Can ANYONE (Steinberg people) explain why I would get better performance in PT9 with my STEINBERG interface than in Cubase 6? I’m getting major dropouts in C6. That being the case, it makes me think that the issues aren’t firewire issues, they’re compatibility issues. I love Cubase and really like the 816, but this is unusable. I’ve read what little help there is for Mac users with dropouts which range from “buy a new PCIe firewire card” to “buy a 400 to 800 adapter”…

Any suggestions?

Cubase 6
Mac Pro 2.66x2 Xeon
MR816x updated with 1.7
5 gigs RAM

BTW - Does having Direct Monitoring checked eat up more resources?

Myself and other users have reported performance issues with the 1.70 drivers try going back to the 1.60 drivers

I know at some point on this forum I saw a post explaining how to completely remove the drivers. Can I just download the 1.6 drivers and install them over the top? How do I confirm that I have the 1.6 instead of 1.7. Thanks for the help.

DO a search using something like Easy find for YamahaFW and delete all the files it shows
Some files you may have to right click and show in finder to put into trash
Once all the files are deleted restart your Mac empty trash and install 1.6

I just reinstalled 1.6 and it’s definitely working better…MUCH less dropouts, but they are still there intermittently. Pretty frustrating.