Major eLicenser problem...ANY help is appreciated.


Did you really uninstall the eLCC completely, please? Whit which product was Soft-eLicenser created? You don’t need the Soft-eLicenser for Nuendo.

If the complete uninstaller doesn’t help, try to use eLCC Helper, to create a new umique Soft-eLicenser Nr, please.

It’s the kind of problem you need to sort out with Steinberg, I believe.
Also, as Martin pointed out, you need the dongle not the soft e-licenser for Nuendo.

Exactly. The problem is not related to Nuendo at all.
That warning dialog is a nuisance, for sure, but should not prevent you from running Nuendo.

It seems that a Soft-eLicenser has been created on your system, a Soft-eLicenser with a problematic serial number.
That is none of your fault, but a rare issue with the Soft-eLicenser.

There 's only one way to fix this problem: Deleting that Soft-eLicenser.

  • In case your Soft-eLicenser doesn’t contain any important licenses, you could delete the Soft-eLicenser without any harm.
  • In case your Soft-eLicenser does contain important licenses, please contact technical support, because after deleting your Soft-eLicenser, you will need to get replacement licenses.

Anyway, I would doubt that your Soft-eLicenser contains any important licenses, because it is difficult to download licenses into a Soft-eLicenser that exposes this kind of problem.

Why has a Soft-eLicenser been created on your system?
Most probably, you did install a software that requires the Soft-eLicenser in order to store a demo license within the Soft-eLicenser.
I would assume that, when viewing your Soft-eLicenser with eLCC, you’ll see a demo license of kind “local soft” that is stored within your Soft-eLicenser.

My advice would be:

  • Run eLCC and check the contents of your Soft-eLicenser. Most probably, the Soft-eLicenser contains some kind of demo license (of type “local soft” ).
  • If you can easily do without the Soft-eLicenser and its demo license(s), simply delete the Soft-eLicenser from your system.

To uninstall the Soft-eLicenser, please follow these steps:

  • Quit Nuendo, eLCC etc. Quit every application that is using the eLicenser(s).
  • Remove/rename the Soft-eLicenser content file which is located at: /Library/Application Support/Syncrosoft Soft-eLicenser/SeLicenser.sel
  • Launch eLCC to verify that the Soft-eLicenser is gone.
  • Launch Nuendo to verify that the issue was solved.

As Martin pointed out, it is possible to automagically delete the Soft-eLicenser and create a new (empty) one using the helper tool:


Where can I delete a sof licenser on a windows machine ?
I want to get rid of mine for ages…

On Windows systems, the Soft-eLicenser content file is located at %ProgramData%\Syncrosoft\SeLicenser.sel

Thank you very much