Major FAIL in a 'live' setting using Mystic

Aloha guys,

I loved the sounds made by Mystic/Prologue and Spector
but I quickly learned that I could not depend on them.

I would load them up and get I sound I liked
(tweaked or preset) then save the project and quit Cubase.

When I opened the song again, many many many times the sounds coming
from those three instruments had some how changed.

These guys were simply not consistent.
So I stopped using them.

Even after there was an update to them
I was too afraid to give them a try again.

Fast forward.
I read in a post that they seemed to be working again with C7.

So I loaded up a song using mainly several instances those 3 plugs.

Before taking that work onstage I opened/played/saved and closed/quit them several times a day
for more than 2 weeks.

All seemed to be well. I thought, ‘they are ready’. Let’s put these guys in action.
(But Murphy was waiting in the wings).

First time out out the chute, Wham!
Where there was a nice pad sound played by Mystic, you now heard Thwak! Thwak!
on every quarter note!

Luckily this happened during sound check so no ears were injured during the show.

It was fun when it worked. But be careful using these plugs.