Major installation and Licence issue

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, im getting desparate as steinberg have not responded to my support request and i am unable to call :frowning: If anybody can help it would be great, thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Recently I upgraded by Cubase 7.5 to 8.5 then to 9 through the Grace Period. I have been using Cubase since Studio 4 that was activated on 04/02/2007 and upgraded from there.

My computer broke down and since it being fixed and needing to reinstall Cubase I have had major problems and unable to install any version of Cubase. I attempted to install my physical copy of 7 to then go up versions (both by itself and using the the downloaded Steinberg installer software) The former did not work at all and the later worked about half way then stopped. I also tried to install the full version using the download that is on the Steinberg website, this download film would not open to begin the installation. My goal is Cubase 9 but this was attempt to start the process as there does not seem to be a way of downloading cubase 9 anymore since i upgraded to it.

Now in My Steinberg There is only an option to download Cubase 6.5 and that is the highest registered Version. Since this version I have not been able to register my future copies that are on my dongle. I think this may be the major issue also as if I could register future cubases I would have the option of redownloading?

I have always had the same dongle but my licences on it and what appears on my My Stienberg are different with different dongle numbers. When I try to register my dongle on My Steinberg it says its registered with another account. I do not have another account.

In my mind if my dongle and MySteinberg licences were matched back up by Steinberg I would have the options to download cubase versions post 6.5 up to 9 and this would be a fix?

Thank you very much

Have you checked that you have the latest version of the eLicense Control Center installed. Having an older version can sometimes lead to license problems.

That aside, you should not need to load successive versions as they are separate and complete installations.

Did you get any error messages during the aborted installs?

Yes I have the latest version.
I have no option anywhere of just installing my Cubase 9, I would love to do that! :slight_smile:

the option of going up the install versions was me trying to figure out another option. The cubase 7 from the steinberg site was just damaged and would not install at all. my cubase 7 disks just stopped midway, not sure why. BUt yes, i have a licence for cubase 9 and wished i could just have the option of downloading that as an install.

There is something strange going on with my licences differing from Elicence centre and My Stienberg. that would be something id like fixed for he future!

Indeed…sadly think that’s something only Steinberg support can solve. They should match up.

The trial version of 9 is now available. You could try to download that. It will be the same as the full 9 version so should work with your license as well.

The fact that you have failed to get more any version to install suggest to me that there might be other issues at play on your computer, though.