Major Issue with Velocity Shift in the Midi Modifiers tab

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Cubase 13 comes with a strange issue regarding “velocity shift” in the midi modifiers tab.

Here a picture of the feature I’m talking about.

midi modifier

Cubase 13 now no longer triggers notes below the specified velocity value. If you set the velocity range to minus 20 (softer by a factor of 20) any note equal to or below that velocity value will be silent! Just an example, it could be any value.

In Cubase 12 it always played velocity 1/the lowest dynamic layer - no matter how far down you go with the midi modifier.

Even at minus 127 it used to play velocity 1 for the entire dynamic range, which is the behaviour you’d expect.
In Cubase 13 it’s entirely silent.

I tried 3 different sampling engines (Kontakt, Hans Zimmer Strings and Felt Instruments Bardzo).

It also happens when playing back midi inside Cubase, so it’s not related to my keyboard.

That can destroy existing compositions by silencing all notes below the specified midi modifier value.

That makes it impossible for me to use Cubase 13. Luckily I’m just trying it for free on Splice.

I also wrote to support about it, but it seemed relevant enough to post here too.

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That is how the MIDI spec says it should work. If you subtract 20 from 20 that’s going to give you a velocity of zero. A MIDI Note-On message with a Velocity of 0 is equivalent to a MIDI Note-Off message.

Then it should have worked that way before too. I have a ton of midi where I shifted the velocity value downwards and now with that behaviour there will be a lot of silent notes that previously weren’t silent.
That is project destructive, whether technically corrent or not. I’m not going go through the hundreds of tracks in all of my projects to adapt them to the new way this feature works.
I’m glad I even noticed before whining about harmonization holes in my compositions due to silent notes haha…

I also don’t know who wants make sure to never go below the specified velocity value while playing or programming, that makes the feature very difficult to use. And it becomes pointless for the task of making an instrument “softer” if it can’t be played properly anymore as a consequence.

I don’t know anything about that, maybe they were out of spec. I’m just pointing out that the behavior you describe is consistent with the actual MIDI specification.

If it were me I’d try opening a C13 Project in an older version and see if the behavior changes depending on the version. Maybe also look for an older Project that behaves like you want in an older version of Cubase and then make a copy of the Project and observe how it behaves in C13.

Maybe you can use the MIDI Compressor Insert (which I’ve never played with so…) and set it up so that the velocity is always above zero.

I’ve already tested it with 3 different sampling engines. They behave as always in Cubase 12 but not in 13. It’s clear 13 has introduced that change.

Thank you for the midi compressor tip, I’ll just stick with 12 though, I’m not too keen to go through hundreds of tracks in all my projects to check for the velocity shift issue and fix it.

Based on a reply to support the problem is already known and I’m told to check the release notes of future updates to see when it’s solved.

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After a half year and a few updates there has been no development. It’s still not fixed despite having been acknowledged as a known issue, as mentioned above. Just as an update for everyone using this feature (apparently not many haha)