Major issues with Cubase 10.5, please help!

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well! I have recently started running into some pretty serious issues after upgrading to Cubase 10.5 and I would like to know if anyone has experienced anything remotely similar.

The first issue (and the worst) is my sessions seem to be losing their audio files frequently. I’ll boot up a session and get a text box like the one below, which states all the audio files are missing.

Upon entering the session, all the audio files will be blank.

Thankfully all my plugin/markers etc… are still there but the only way I have found to get this working again is to completely import all the audio files back into the session and delete all the old blank ones. If I try locate/search the files at the start of the session it still doesn’t link them back into the session.

My next issue doesn’t seem to be like a huge thing, but I am wondering if the two are related to one another and the source of a lot of problems. Cubase seems to be creating random folders with nothing in them or random files. It will literally create hundreds of folders and spit them out onto where I export all my mixes once I am finished on a project.

Most of the folders are empty, but some contain a random file of numbers/letters which can’t be opened or accessed.

Cubase 10.5 also seems to crash and freeze a lot more than 10. I have reinstalled 10 on my computer but I can’t figure out if there’s a way to bring these sessions from 10.5 over to 10. If I try to open these sessions in 10, it just automatically opens up in 10.5

I would have thought this was a hard drive problem (although it is maybe 1.5 years old, it seems very unlikely to be failing like this) but the way folders/files are being created on my actual SSD drive and not my external combined with the crashing/freezing makes me think this has something to do with Cubase.

I doubt anyone has experienced something this crazy with Cubase, but if anyone has any ideas on how to get audio files back into these sessions or if it’s possible to revert these files back to Cubase 10 I would be very appreciative.

Thanks for your time and responses!

Hi and welcome,

To me it looks like your files management is not really organised

If the E drive is an external drive, please make sure, it’s connected.

Please make sure every single project sits in own folder. Then all relevant audio files will be placed in the Audio subfolder of this project folder. The structure is following:

  • Project 1_[folder]_

  • Audio [folder]

  • Audio 01.wav [audio file]

  • Audio 02.wav [audio file]

  • MyProject 1.cpr [project file]

  • Project 2_[folder]_

  • Audio [folder]

  • Audio 01.wav [audio file]

  • Audio 02.wav [audio file]

  • MyProject 2.cpr [project file]

I’m quite sure these are not Cubase folders. Cubase doesn’t create folders and files like this.

Thanks for the reply Martin! I do have all my projects in separate folders/locations, but I’m wondering if the use default location when I start a new project is storing them elsewhere. Would selecting prompt for project location and then selecting the folders be the solution?

I’ll take your word on those not being Cubase folders then. I have no idea what could be causing it but I’ll see if I can do some googling and maybe I can find the cause somewhere else!


When Use default location has been chosen, you can choose the location, the parent folder, where do you want to have all your projects (folders). Just click to the field and set your location you want to use.

On the right side, you can see Project Folder. This is the one I named “Project 1 [folder]” and “Project 2 [folder]” in my scheme. The number is always incremented automatically, once you create a new project. So if you first create project folder ABC, next time Cubase will create project folder ABC 1.