Major/minor updates

Dear Daniel (and team),

I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on Dorico. It’s not that I really need it (I don’t do music for a living), but I do love a well-crafted piece of software and will gladly buy it in order to support someone who clearly cares about writing the best possible code.

I’m therefore very glad that you’re not trying to cram every possible feature into the first release, but instead focus on getting things right the first time. Excellent decision. On the other hand, some of the features that won’t make the inital release (like transposable chord symbols or a jazz font) are rather important to me. But I can wait.

Now, in a recent thread you wrote

It’s important for everybody to remember that the first version of Dorico is just that: the first version of Dorico. It will be followed by a number of maintenance releases that will not only fix bugs but also add more features.

Where would you draw the line between feature additions within a major release (i.e., with no update cost) and those that will only be available after a paid upgrade? I suppose you can’t (and shouldn’t) give us a detailed list, but maybe a few examples?

For example, would chord symbols or fingerings qualify as minor or major feature updates?

Thanks and have a nice weekend

It is rather difficult to give chapter and verse about what will be included in free updates versus larger paid updates, but we intend to add as much functionality that addresses the things that our users need the most, as fast as we can. I can’t give a cast-iron promise that features like chord symbols will be included in these free updates, but that is definitely the plan.

Excellent! Knowing that it’s in the realm of possibilities is great to hear.