Major N5 Demo Issue: Please pass on

Demoing Nuendo 5.5 but I can’t post in the forum so this issue is being reported here because it’s … well… pretty bad so please pass it on to the Nuendo people.

I created a new song on my root USB drive. I did “Backup Project” to a new folder, which typically copies the media being used in the song to the new folder… right? Well here… I did this twice … it copied every folder from my root directory to the new song folder, every folder.

Here’s the new folder for “Backup”, named N5… as you can see it copied everything… not just the folders being used for the song… but everything on the drive.

So after verifying by doing it again and searching out some of those folders, I can verify that they all are in triplicate now. So I do a search of that drive. The first folder listed is the original folder location on my USB drive. The second and third are copies Nuendo made on “Backup” when it copied my entire drive to the backup folder instead of just copying the relevant song folders. Again this appears to happen because the song resided in the root, which isn’t typical, but it still shouldn’t happen since it should know which folders actually belong to the song and which don’t, no matter where the song file is.

It seems to assume (?) when backing up a song that everything in the same root space as the song file actually belongs to the song? To be clear, it didn’t actually fill / copy everything in the folders, it just made copies of every single folder in that root space so it ends up - the backup folder - looking like this… a new song folder with 900+ empty folders in it.

So in Cubase 5 I’d typically use an external root for twiddling around with new songs like that, even recording there, and later do a “Backup” to get the relevant parts to their own folder. Doing that here is… wacky.