Major oversight re: CMC-QC

The CMC-QC is a fine little controller for adjusting the EQ parameters - except for one major oversight. There is no way to activate a given EQ band without resorting to the mouse. It would be so easy to implement Activate Band x (x=1-4) in the user commands so that F1-F4 could be programmed with these functions - but no. The CC121 has buttons for these functions so it is definitely possible. A function command to toggle on the EQ type selectmenu would also be nice :wink:

You can.

Type select is not though and would be nice.

Care to enlighten me.
It seems I went through the full palette on offer - all key commands, but these 4 EQ band activation commands have eluded me.

shift+ Q… first band
shift+ f/Q learn…second band
shift+ EQ…third band
shift+ MIDI…fourth band

Arrrrgh! :blush:

The last place I’d’ve thought to check - the Manual.
As soon as I saw your post the dust shifted in my brain and I remember having seen this, noted it, and forgot it.
I could kick myself, but I don’t bend that way anymore.

Thanks for that. :wink: