Major Performance issues when running Instrument Track vs In

I’m doing a project in Cubase 7.5 and I’m running into major VST performance issues when running VSTI’s in instrument tracks vs instrument racks. If I load a full omnisphere in an instrument track for example, a single note maxes out my VST performance and I get clicks and pops, where if I load the exact same instrument in VE-Pro in an instrument rack, it runs at roughly 1/10 as much VST performance.

I made a video demonstrating the behavior here:

Breakdown of setup:
8-core nehalem Mac pro w/ 32 Gb Ram OS 10.9.5, SSD system drive
Cubase 7.5.40 64 bit

VST Audio System:
UA Apollo running at 512 sample buffer
Input latency: 19.250
Output Latency 12.562
AISO Guard Latency 0.000ms
Sample Rate: 48K
Audio Priority: Normal
Multi Processing: yes
ASIO-Guard: No
Disk Preload: 2 seconds

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is driving me bonkers!

I have created a new empty cubase file at 44.1 sample rate (instead of 48K) and I have loaded just omnisphere (no ve pro) and tried one as a track instrument and one as a rack instrument and they both are using the same VST resources / peaking. So I guess thats not the issue. If I then move the instrument to VE pro (track or rack) and I do not have any issues and VST performance drops 10 fold. Again the CPU usage on my machine is hardly moving, yet I’m getting real-time peaks and average load is very high in the VST performance window when loading instruments directly in Cubase. Does this mean I simply cannot load VST instruments in Cubase? I must have something setup wrong as this does not seem right to me. How are you fellow Cubase users able to do this?

I’ve tested this with multiple synths (omnisphere, Absynth, Massive, Alchemy) and they all exhibit similar behavior where running them as track instruments use WAY more VST performance resources than loading them in VE pro. This makes zero sense to me as its all running on the same computer. Again, maybe I have something setup wrong or need to purge preferences or something?

edit: I just now tried the same multi in Logic and it seems it peaks in Logic as well. However if I load it into VE pro the CPU goes down as well (in fact in Logic it goes down so much its not even registering on its CPU meter!) So I’m staring to think maybe VE pro uses multiple cores in real time, while DAWS like Logic and cubase are using only one CPU in their program? I’m still confused as to why that doest show up in activity monitor though. The major difference I’m seeing though is unlike Cubase, when I’m not playing the instrument in Logic the CPU usage is barely registering, while in Cubase it seems just having the instrument loaded causes it to use major VST performance resources! Any ideas why this could be or how to reduce performance resources of VSTI’s?

I guess the moral of the story is load everything in VE pro as for whatever reason it saves CPU in your DAW. But any further information anyone can provide me with to optimize performance of VSTI’s would be greatly appreciated.

Same problem and fix here. 8.0.3. Omnisphere 2 crushes my system if run locally but through VEPro, it seems to have no effect on my performance meter.


Hi there. It is an old topic, but I am having the same problems. Do you have a solution?