Major Philter fan

Somebody in Europe bought both Philter albums on iTunes the other day. Sold a couple of singles too. Whoever you are, you rock :sunglasses:

:sunglasses: :thumbu:


Tax bracket will be through the roof if it keeps up, Phil. :mrgreen:

I can see my bank manager wringing his hands from here :laughing:

as opposed to your neck:laughing: :wink:

:laughing: Yeah, makes a nice change :laughing:

Cheers Steve. There’s still a market for backing tracks, karaoke the biggest one I suppose but there’s a few drummers doing that stuff to this day. Groove Monkey in the States is one, there’ll be a few more too no doubt :sunglasses:

I was stunned when I checked my CDBaby account to see 2 albums gone and 2 singles all in the same day. Nearly fell off me chair :laughing:

I think I told you about the “chick” at my brother’s wedding who was all over me… I even thought about “it.” :blush: When I found out some time later that she had once been a he, I was shocked, a bit nauseated, and, to be honest, a bit impressed that someone could transform themselves that convincingly, because she was actually attractive

(although someone pointed out to me that regardless of whatever procedures, etc they do, the person will always have the XY chromosomal structure)

back on topic

I’ll buy your album tonight, phil

Cheers Doug :sunglasses:

Prepare for new sales record…I’ve given my card details to my iTunes account :slight_smile:


Yay, thanks Braunie :sunglasses: