Major problem, can't see any automation![solved]

Hi, big trouble here.

Working on a mix where I for some reason can’t view any of my automation. Automation is there, but I can´t access the track´s automation lanes.

If I create a new fresh track it works fine on that new track. Is there any possible thing I have overlooked or have I encountered a bug of some sort? Using lots of folders, group tracks etc.

Thanks a lot,


I solved this particular issue.

The problem is a bug(?) in the Project Logical Editor somehow.

If you use the PLE preset visibility>Hide All, you will not be able view your automation again. Tested on 2 different machines with blank projects, one PC and one MAC.

Confirmed. There’s a workaround, (which you might have have done but didn’t say) open the same PLE preset and change the lower pane action to Hide Track>Disable

ah great, thanks

I made a new “hide all” by doing a macro of a couple of PLE scrips, media type xx> track operation> Hide>enable

Do NOT use media type “automation” because this will screw it up just as if using the “Hide All” preset.