major problems with cubase 6.04

have updated to cubase 6.04
now we have major problems with big projects 60+tracks

playback… crash.
move folder crash
save crash

when machine crashes, the routings for outboard and control room are lost.
oh my god steinberg… that is soo lame!!!

where can i download 6.02.

please!! for mac… we need that fast.

Why use 6.0.4? It clearly says on the page that it’s UNSUPPORTED. So “lame” isn’t the right adjective for the right operative is it?
And you need it fast. I’ll say it again. You can’t make this stuff up. :mrgreen:

i have installed 6.02…

no difference!!
same crashes, same white screen when moving folders…
it is not working.


how should i downgrade…?
perhaps installing 6,02 again is not enough

A very vague post. Details or it didn’t happen.

Did you use 6.0.2 successfully before? (ie: with what did you get 60 tracks done) What are your system specs? (we don’t need to know what speakers you use).

“Boo hoo! Tis broken!” is not a very professional explanation. So give us a few clues to go on.

Hey, Conman, what are you trying to achieve? Convice us that our problems with Cubase are not Cubase related? That we need some special training to run Cubase? That normal human will never be able to run it right? What is this, some new marketing approach from Steinberg. What are we supposed to think, that we are special if we are able to run Cubase?

I’m telling you, it is not working nicely. Now you can go on and on how you need details, how it is not professional and so on… But at the end of the day, my user experience with Cubase is poor. Blame it on my computer, blame it on my soundcard, blame it on VSTs, blame it on whatever you want… still, user experience is poor.

I use other software, and if other software works, Cubase should too. If it is such a special software, which requires heavy maintenance, or special training, like for fighter jet or so, then maybe it should not be sold to all, but just to computer specialists and those with special training.

I have no special training, I just bought the damn thing, and I want it to perform as advertised. Clearly, this is too much to ask nowadays. Imagine if this was a car, crashing all the time - no car company would go by with that. Or imagine hard drive, locking itself here and there - nobody would buy it. Or mobile phone shutting itself off in the middle of conversation… It is just software companies that get away with it, allways promising the fix with next update or next version. I wonder for how much longer this can go on.

Hello Swinxx,

6.0.4 here and no problems. Without any system specs or other information nobody can help you. Perhaps you could contact our support department to solve the problem on your computer.




So i will contact support, but here are some details…

We have an
iMac, Quad Core, i7
4Gb Ram
Mac OsX 10.6.8
Uad-2 Satellite
Fireface800 with latest drivers

Only cubase running,
Bigger Project tracks 60+
Use plugins, mainly uad-2 and steinberg Plugins running,
We had some problems with slate vcc 1.3.5, so we do not use them here…

When we updated to 6.04 we got that white screen when using the scissor…
Not always but often.
After having all that crashes we decided to go back to 6.02…
Where we had no white screens…
Downloaded from the ftp… Installed, but whitescreen and crashes continued…

Greets rene

You have a point. Too many lads buying Cubase because it has GOFASTER stripes on the side apparently. Europes roads are littered with crashed sports cars with gofaster stripes because the young drivers did not know what to do with corners.
Yes, with Cubase you have to learn how to “corner” among many other things.
The box doesn’t tell you that it takes about three years to be a competent Cubase operator.
You seem to have a problem with me telling you the facts of life. I don’t have any problems with YOUR problems. You can keep them if that’s what you really want.

SWINXX: To run 60+ tracks plus FX and UAD 4gig memory just won’t cut it. Somewhere something will give way.

Could the 6.0.2 version work again if you perform a System Restore to an earlier date?

C’mon, Conman… I’ve been using Cubase 15 years. I’d say I know what to expect from it. I used other software along with it. And still do, mainly Ableton Live and Reason.

For example, Reason is rock stable, even with lowest latencies. Ableton is quite solid, and crashes only with some 3rd party VSTs. I expect Cubase to be solid in core, without using 3rd party VSTs. If Reason and Ableton work on my machine without crashing, I expect Cubase to perform similarly.

Reason 6 is coming out with Record multitrack included, and I bet it will be rock solid, as it always was. Why cannot Cubase be like that? I will not accept your idea, that this is because Cubase is more PRO, and one must learn to operate it properly, only big boy can steer it properly - that is BS. If Propellerheads can do it, Ableton can do it, Cubase should do it to, or ppl will use Cubase less and less in music production.


Let me add a few things, but not in anyway a retort to anyone.

Reason runs all with internal code. sealed and indifferent to the world, mainly with NO pish written Vst’s to ruin the day. This is definately a + to its reliability , and the main reason it doesnt & wont ever allow VST architecture, and kids to play with its SDK :smiley: (synthedit/Synthmaker anyone! :laughing: )

Ableton …Hmmm… here the truth…Ableton 7.0 to 7.14 was shocking to well over 60% of the User base. (Fact) Ableton 8.0 - 8.20 Shocking to well over 70% of its user base. (Fact). I spend as much time on that forum as here btw, so it aint guesswork.

Cubase …6.0 to 6.02 …85% success rate…(In fact I would say that the initial release was probably the BEST & most stable Major release of any Daw in recent years…6.03 maybe back to 3% (lol) 6.04 90% !!!..

In my reckoning Cubase is the most “complex” of any of the Daws mentioned…and Steiny are doing quite ok in my book…6.04 is playing nicely in my system.Im a happy camper, and so are many others…But yes I have been a grumpy f@kka when things dont go as planned. There are always inherent problems with ALL daws (except Reason/Reaper, but they are by no means as intensive as the others on the market) :laughing: If your not sure…do a fresh format,install nothing but Cubase (no Plugs etc) & see where the reliability bandwagon takes you. :wink:

It’s not that it’s more PRO. It’s just way more complicated. More in it, more choices to make to set it up for yourself. More care in the preparation of Projects and definitely more care as you go along and arrange your mixdown. And along with all that it EATS resources big-style.
Take great care with it or it will crash. It can be unruly and bolshie just like all the other DAWs you mention but you find those areas and don’t go there until it’s fixed.
First you have to tell them what needs fixing. “Summat’s wrong with it, mate.” just does not cut any ice if you really want anything fixed.
I see no evidence that pppppllll are using it less and less. In fact it seems to be becoming more popular with people who just don’t understand computers. (Reason 6 may well get those) But go figure.
You don’t just install Cubase on a computer. You set up the computer first and take a long time doing it. With a check list. Then you install Cubase.
The problem with that is that if you have to reinstall Cubase more than about four times max (and then I’m being optimistic) you cannot trust that the registry, at least, does not contain some interfering junk that makes things unstable for such a picky program. So you might have to start again. Annoys me that one.
Cubase nearly twenty years me and built all my own computers to run it post Atari.
All worked pretty much reliably except the early ones where VSTis & FX were easy to overload but the last four - five years almost trouble free aside from the biggees that everyone got. But then, to some posters, that means I’m not using it right. :mrgreen:
And if you’ve been using Cubase for 15 years you did expect there to be problems with an unsupported version didn’t you? I did which is why I didn’t use it. Likewise, for any Emu users that’s why I don’t use the latest driver of theirs which is supplied with the new PCI-e cards. It’s not supported either.

And I write for the edification of Swinxx. Not Sonicstate. It’s not his thread.

Has anyone found what the fix for this white screen bug is

Nuendo 5.5.1 Not working for me becuase of this. I have posted a few videos on Youtube

here the latest. no that this means I cant screw up, or this is not me pilot error, but I am familiar with cubendo, I have been a pro cubase user for 20 years now.

any help Please?

Bobby, (Stab in the dark here m8)

The “glitch” you posted up, I am being a little presumptious here, but If you have no repro from others (with the same Vsts/plugs etc running) I’m gonna hazard & say that its a hiccup that probably be eradicated with a fresh install from scratch…I know this sounds a PITA, but if there are only few people receiving this, its a system specific thing, a dodgy registry entry, graphics hiccup, .dll problem, One of your vsti’s etc…It could come from anywhere, as I said if not many people are getting the blanking of the screen, I would look at a complete reformat doing the trick.

we know (Cubase/Nuendo) are built on the same core, but with the new addition of Steinberg & the NEK addon, this looks like something thats messed up in the “NEK” addon side…(they have to cripple the program to not include the Midi features, so leaving you to buy the NEK…If it was me, I would definately fresh install, then test…all Im saying is that this year alone, Ive reinstalled my O/S (hard drive failure, stupid bugs with Cubase etc) about 6 times, and every time I fresh installed the “idosyncrasies” dI have had before all disappeared, its been a good remedy for things like this and def worth a shot to you, if your stuck using ProFools… :laughing:

If its unusable…youve got nothing to lose…but a fresh CLEAN system, with the fernickety nature of Cubendo,and its dependencies on a clean registry, no conflicts etc… A Clean system install usually works wonders. :smiley:

I look at it this way, you are giving yourself the BEST shot of eradicating the glitch. overwriting previous versions of cubendo, and updating Vsts etc, many times lead to weirdness.