major ReWire issues

since upgrading to Ableton Live 8, i have been having major problems w/ Nuendo 4 (last build).
ReWire sync makes N4 sluggish, redrawing/refreshing the screen VERY slowly, the cursor hanging for bars at a time. the whole system bogs down.
when i switch the screen to Live, all is fine.
any ideas?
i am trying to find info on Ableton’s site, but Live is always rock solid.
i can’t find compatibility issues ANYWHERE on the Steinberg site.

so i’ve narrowed it down to a problem when using a Tempo Track with changing time signatures.
when running Live in ReWire slave mode, an “Add Signature” command is added in N4 every time the time signature changes and KEEPS ADDING the command every 2 seconds or so. the whole system bogs down to almost a dead stop.


Isn’t rewire using the same Key Command Nuendo is using for inserting a signature breakpoint?


it is inserting “add signature” at the beginning of the session regardless of where the cursor is and it is happening automatically.
i don’t know about the key commands. but i literally have to undo about 40 steps in the history to get rid of the add signature commands.
there is NOTHING in the operation manual about this.
“chase events” is MIDI only.
no info in the tempo track sections.
no info in the ReWire section.
this is not an Ableton issue. it is a ReWire issue.

now i’m having major problems with my new Arturia V2 collection.
one of the synths (ARP2600) has MIDI input, but NO SOUND OUTPUT.
ONLY in Nuendo 4.3.
fine as standalone.
fine in Ableton.
funny how the VST and ReWire issues i always have are with the STEINBERG PRODUCTS.
they only INVENTED the frigging technology.
too bad they can’t keep up or at least SUPPORT the products they make.
good thing i’m not in a studio with the clock running.
waiting over a month to MAYBE get a response from someone is pure BULLSHIT.
don’t get me wrong. i appreciate ANY help, but really… this is bullshit.