Major sixth natural harmonics to be recognized (feature request)

On the violin the major 6th natural harmonics are usually preferred before the majord 3rds. They produce the same sounding pitch (one major 3rd 2 octaves above the open string). Unfortunately Dorico doesn’t recognize major 6th harmonics:

  • don’t playback even if it is correctly defined in the Harmonics properties.
  • surprisingly it is not possible to assign a string to major 6th harmonics (Note and rest property - String).

In Elaine Gould’s Behind Bars table of natural harmonics, p 417, the major 3rd is put in parenthesis as an indication I guess that the major 6th is to be preferred (see attached picture).


I sustain your claim! I always have to make a work-around to do this type of harmonic.
Also would be nice to have the option to show the real pitch in a parenthesis above the harmonic linke this:

Seconded, or thirded. The major 6th natural harmonic can be a matter of necessity rather than preference, due to hand position.

I also need this harmonic. Is it in the works?

It’s on the backlog for possible future implementation.