Make 2 mono tracks with same mic and port ?

I am a newb with Cubase Elements 6. I want to use one mic to make 2 mono tracks. I can record on both of them and see the recorded input waves on their respective tracks, but only the first track plays back audibly. What am i doing wrong ?

My single mic is plugged into the first port of my ProSonus AudioBox USB interface. I have the two mono instrument tracks appearing in the Project Window, with Mono 1 as input to the first track and Mono 2 as input to the second track. For both tracks I have Stereo Out selected as their outputs in the Inspector. And in the VST Connections for Outputs the Stereo Out Left channel has OUT 1 as the Device Port and the Stereo Out Right channel as OUT 2 as the Device Port. I also have a Mono1 bus with Device Port OUT 1 and a Mono2 bus with Device Port OUT 2.

In the Inspector I have tried Stereo as the Output for the track which records but doesn’t play back audibly the audio. I have also tried for this same track which doesn’t play back using Mono1 and Mono2 as the Output.

This is confusing as hell for me.

If the foregoing is jibberish, could somebody just tell me simply how to make 2 mono tracks and use the same mic and port on my audio interface to record to separate audio tracks (one for guitar and one for vocal).

Thanks !!!


If I understand correctly, you want to record two audio tracks at the same time with a mic that is connected to the same port? Doesn’t sound correct to me.

I am thinking that you really want to record your guitar and vocal audio tracks separately using the same mic that is connected to one port. If that is what you are trying to accomplish try setting it up like this…

Audio track 1: In the track inspector set it with your mono 1 bus (the bus set to the input on your audio interface that you will be connecting to) as the input and the output set as to the main stereo out.
Audio track 2: Set it up the same as audio track 1.

Then, for example… you can record your guitar on track 1. Then turn off the track 1 monitor function to listen to your guitar track 1 while you are recording your vocal on track 2. Then turn off the track 2 monitor function to hear both tracks at the same time. FYI… the track monitor function allows you to hear the track input and it must be disabled to hear the output.

If I am wrong about your issue then please, by all means, correct me by replying with a little more detail about your concern. Good luck.

Regards :sunglasses: