Make a difference between everything that comes "in the box" and the additional downloads!

Hi all,
Strange that all software and downloads show up at the Download Assistant, even the ones I don’t have a license for. I installed a couple of them, which resulted in error messages with every startup. Very, very annoying!

Please Steinberg, make a difference between the things that come in the package and the things which are additional. Do it like Native Instruments or iZotope. They do it very clear.

Not sure why you find it confusing. When you select a product in the left pane, everything listed in the right panel is what comes with it. And nothing else does.


I have more than 1 license. Wavelab, Cubase, … And then it gets confusing. The way Native Instruments and iZotope work are much clearer. You only see what you signed up for.

It is not strange. You must understand the purpose of the download assistant. It’s for downloading and It doesn’t keep track of your licenses.

Everyone who can access the internet is welcome to download Steinberg software, so of course everything is provided in the Download Assistant which is ready to assist you in that endeavor.