make a part border snap to [the bar] grid?

i was wondering if a project logical editor macro could make a part nudge its borders from either side to snap to the bar grid line.

there is a macro that will make any part 1 bar in length. however, if the part’s left border doesn’t begin on the bar grid line, it will make the part one bar in length from whichever position it begins (it does what it says after all).

however you rarely want that-- instead, most of the time you enclose some events into a part, and want the part to snap from either side to the bar line, so that when duplicated, it will always land in the correct place.

is there a way to do that with the current roster of commands in the PLE?

hi lukas - sorry, not got a definite solution but a few thoughts…

Made me think of the procedure that creates a new (empty) Part, on your chosen Track, between the L/R Locators… In your case, this would be over the top of your desired Events; then, Bounce Selection (to ‘merge’ all content).

I may well have not thought that all through, entirely… :wink:

Good luck,

thanks, that’s a good pointer – double-clicking in an empty arrange area within the audio track will create that empty part of the desired length. then, using the glue tool, clicking on that empty part will include the audio events now hidden underneath it, into the part. so no need to rebounce actually, if you don’t mind the extra step.