Make a pickup bar with Remove Rests?

Just discovered that I could make easily a pickup bar using Edit > Remove Rests feature in D4. :wink:
(Apologies if this is already known) :smiling_face:

Hello NorFonts, how is your procedure?

The “time” still exists in Dorico though, it’s just not shown, so I wouldn’t recommend it. Better to really delete them via system track or the shift-B popover.


@k_b Say you want a ¼ note as a pickup bar, and say you’re in 4/4 meter, go to beat 4 and enter your note, you will get rests behind it (½ note rest and ¼ note rest) ok? Now select those rests and go to Edit > Remove Rests, you’ll get a narrowed bar of only ¼ note.

But, as @klafkid said:

I might be wrong with this procedure :thinking: :roll_eyes:

In @NorFonts example, I think it’s better to put the caret at the beginning of the piece and enter shift-B, -3q, enter

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But, strangely, Remove Rests for making a pickup bar works for me in D4.

The only anomaly with this trick is that sometimes you won’t get a correctly spaced pickup bar.

Yes, that’s the right technique I used to use.

Starting point: you’ve got a flow in 4/4, with the first note in the flow in bar 1, beat 4. You want this to be a pick-up bar.

  1. Select the first rest in the flow
  2. Press Shift-B to open the bars and barlines popover.
  3. Enter “-3q”
  4. Press Return. (You’ve deleted the first 3 quarter notes of time at the start of the flow, as @klafkid said)
  5. Select something at the start of the flow, e.g. the first note
  6. Press Shift-M to open the time signatures popover.
  7. Enter “4/4,1” to input a 4/4 time signature with one beat pick-up
  8. Press Return.

I always just use shift-M (eg shift-M 3/4,0.5). Works every time

yes, bc as you see the time still exists when you enter note input.

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Yes, I see…

ups, thanks for the correction, @Lillie_Harris . I thought just using -3q would move along the barlines, but I was wrong.

(Oh not at all, I just saw an opportunity to share a concrete example for converting existing music without a pick-up bar into a “proper” pick-up bar. The steps in general are universal but each situation requires variation, and having a real situation makes them easier to digest, I think.)

This looks like the perfect solution for those who hesitate to abandon the Finale approach to pickups.

another alternative in Dorico 4: set Insert Scope to Global Current Bar, and just delete an individual rest or note from the first bar. That will shorten the bar by the duration deleted, and convert it into a pickup bar.


@StefanFuhrmann Youppiiiiii!!! you did it! :smiley:

Stefan, with Insert Scope you probably mean the caret?
Your method works, when activating the Insert mode - but what happens to the time signature?

[edit] sorry Stefan, I now understand what you meant, see below

Please read the information on the major changes to Insert mode in Dorico 4 in the Version History PDF.

Thanks Daniel and Stefan, I found “Insert Scope” on page 25.
Good to have a second look and learn the terminology.
So far I had just watched the YT video…