Make a shake longer

Is it possible to make a guitar shake longer, eg. for the duration of a whole note.

thanks Rolf

I suppose you’re talking about playback in HALion?
Please make sure you’re as clear as possible in your questions if you want people to help you, since we’re not in your brain…
If it’s not what you meant, think about posting a picture of what you would like to achieve, it’s worth a thousand words.
As far as I know, it’s not easy to tweak the sounds provided with Dorico, and you might need some specific vst with special guitar sounds — but I might as well be wrong, this is not a field I really know :wink:

Sorry for not being clear,
I’m talking about notation, having a whole note being tied to a quarter in the next bar (time signature 4/4, not 5 quarters long) . Using a shake “symbol” ,there seems to be no way(handle) to make it fit to the graphical(visual) representation of the lenth of the note.

Best Rolf

Do you mean like a trill line?

Would putting the shake sign halfway along the tie indicate that it should extend the entire length?

what is a shake when it comes to guitar music? how does it look?

I guess posting a picture… is worth a thousand words ! Oups, I already wrote that!

yes I googled - without success so far…
may be I should google for a guitar player and ask him or her?

I think this is what Rolf asks for (which makes the first post pretty clear). Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to modify playing techniques. The only way I can think of is attaching several shakes to the same note, and move them into a continuous line in Engrave mode. This is rather cumbersome, and needs to be done manually in every layout.
Skjermbilde 2018-03-27 kl. 17.46.02.png

I would also welcome the ability to elongate the shake. Although my preference is for jazz and big band typeshakes (also synth modwheel shakes), which are slightly different from guitar (whammy bar) shakes, jazz shakes are like ‘short’ jazz shakes - but they’re not limited to being short - sometimes even tremblement types are too short at times. Whilst currently there is a provision to adjust the length of trills, could this ability please be extended to shakes - of all types?

Another alternative could be to use an existing trill but with users having the ability to selct which type of glyph to use. It would be great to be able to use all the trill type features available in the properties options (which provides the ability to lengthen and/or shorten) but with the glyph(s) we prefer.

Thank you.

Have you experimented with custom playing techniques? I’ve designed a couple ornaments exactly like this, very satisfactorily, and set whatever shortcut I wanted.

Hi Dan,

I can see this is a very good work around to the problem. I have yet to even try this. Can you please tell me, can these new ornaments be elongated, like trills or does one have to create shakes - med-long, bit-longer, quite-long, longer still … (you can see where I’m going with this. Thanks for any advice.

Update< Yes the lines can be extended. Excellent! - Thanks Dan

Playing techniques editor. You can draw whatever you want. Choose “glyphs” from the list, add, modify as desired.