Make All Transport Panel Features Available on the Top Toolb

A carry over from the “old” CB7 days. :wink:

Please make all of the setup options that are currently available for the Transport Panel be available in the setup options for the top toolbar.

Example: To make the Transport Panel as small as possible I only have the “Locators” + “Master and Sync” options visible in the transport panel. If these options were available to be visible in the top toolbar then I would not even use the Transport Panel. Thus saving some valuable space in the project window.

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A big +1. I don’t get the point of that thing floating around. It’s always in the way of something. It would also be nice if you could choose where that “top” toolbar is docked, e.g., top of screen, left, right, or bottom.

Completely agree. Nowadays, I only use it to define the song tempo, which is something that could be easily added to the top bar options.

100% agree. Make it dockable or just add all of the functionality into the top bar (you can increase the top bar height).

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The only good thing about the current setup (not being able to drag my mixer to the botton) is that I can see my UAD control panel down there anyways.

Please, for dockable for duplicate controls in info bar! Tired of playing hockey with it. I hate hockey.

I would love to have it…


It does get in the way come to think of it.


Of course +1
It should be dockable to the main project window, even better, to all editors : I would like to put it in the top bar of the Score Editor.

please, this!

This is one feature that should be relatively easy to implement. The floating transport bar was useful when we all where working on low res screens, but with today’s screen resolutions there should be enough space for the last missing bits.


Cubase 8.5.0 makes some headway to eliminate the need to use the transport panel but maybe there was some confusion for what was originally requested.

Example: In Cubase 8.0 you needed to use the “Master + Sync” section of the transport panel to easily turn the click on/off or enter fixed project tempo information. What I requested in this topic was a feature to optionally incorporate those functions (a button for the click on/off, fields to enter fixed tempo info) right onto the upper taskbar.

What we got in Cubase 8.5.0 are some revised/added transport menu functions (please do not confuse the transport menu with the transport panel). Most of new functions in the transport menu do not eliminate the need to use the actual transport panel. Many new functions merely open the transport panel so you can do what you had to do just as if the transport panel was left open like before.

During yesterday’s pre-release fubar forum discussion I somehow convinced myself that this feature request was incorporated. It’s not. :confused:

So this is my re-request and suggestion for Steinberg to please get rid of the need to use the transport panel.

Regards :sunglasses:

It’s not

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I shake my head in disbelief that it has not been implemented already.




+1 please,


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maybe in 2 lines e.g. (?)