Make all windows Dockable!

Big ommision in Cubase 8, even after multiple requests for Dockable windows. That for me is a huge oppertunity missed and a big disappointment as the roaming Transport bar is both needed and a nuisance in its current format. The new layout and Workspaces could have been so much more. Sort it out Steinberg as it isn’t like it wasn’t requested! Dockable windows should have been the Layout and Workspace update not the partial nonsense you have given us as a new feature!


My biggest disappointment with Cubase 8 was the claimed performance improvements had no effect in my projects, but after that I was super disappointed I couldn’t dock the mixer below everything else. If I had simply been able to dock my mixer at the bottom of my project window I wouldn’t have felt like my upgrade was a complete waste of money.


Seems like only the Media bay and the Vst Rack “thing” is dockable. In one fixed location??? (yes I can hear you scream workspaces :wink:)


I would like to be able to dock the Transport Bar!

Now imagine, that chord pad is place to other windows to dock. Like editors, mixer, time, pool…I think they prepare that place for future update. So we will wait.

This might help (workaround for windows): it lets you pinn windows at predefined locations, “always” or “on open” . I use it for setting the transport window ALWAYS at the same location, and for setting pluggin windows always at the same spot. Works great.

+1 to this.

It’s the only thing that I like of Adobe Audition

+1, HALion 5 is a great example.


hmm, that would be sweet.

Although I imagine they have to work out some kinks, because H5 can get a little messy if you go too crazy. People will make jpegs and mov files with Cubase contorted in all kinds of buggy ways. Best they take their time to do it properly… but I would love this kind of implementation.


Another vote from me. I hope they keep improving in this direction.

i hesitate to even call it docking. the way docking is referred to and implemented in other programs is being able to freely drag a docked window out of its position, and then later… well, ‘dock’ it. this however is just a fixed alternate version of the project window.

And chord pad at bottom. I wish they implement editors the same way.


… and put the clik in the the task bar


Maybe they just can’t do it ? Because window like Key editor have multiple switchable tools on the left. And it dosen’t feet screen if it will be docked ? To many options, tools…less simle workflow.

Right. The Chord Pad and Media Bay are not docked in the sense that a boat is docked, which is the source of the word usage.

Personally I used to want docking Windows a la Digital Performer, but my enthusiasm for it wore off.

In any case it when people say “dock” it’s not entirely clear what they mean.

i like dockable windows in Studio One !

Also make media bay collapse if you want it to!