Make App Window Behaviour Standard Again! (non-Magnetic to top)

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I got a 43" 4K television to replace my 3 old SVGA monitors. LIFE CHANGER!

The bad news: For the first time, I’m confronted with the weird behaviour of the App Window. At least in Windows 10, it seems like if you have the window maximised you see a thin menu bar. If you -don’t- have it maximised, you get a black background as if the Project lives inside the app, but it really doesn’t. You still get that thin top bar. And in either case, the thin menu bar is magnetically locked to the top of the monitor.

IOW: Whether I have the app window maximised or not, I can’t get the thin menu off the top of the screen. This is very different from previous versions of Cubase. THIS IS TOTALLY NON-STANDARD BEHAVIOUR FOR A WINDOWS APP. And it SUCKS when you have a giant sized monitor.

There needs to be a way to make the non-maximised app window behave like in previous versions (ie. so that all child windows live inside the App Window -and- so that the App Window can be placed anywhere on the screen.