Make "bigger" pitchbends and make pitchbends on audio?


I’ve been tweaking abit with pitchbends on VSTi and the pitchbends are limited within Cubase. Is there any way to get “beyond” this limitation? Say I want to pitchbend my VSTi 2 octaves down and up, is there any way to do that within Cubase? If not, what way do you recommend?

Secondly, is there any good way to pitchbend audio (sampling or not)?

The pitchbend range is determined by the used instrument

But the pitchbend-automation just allows a certain amount of pitching. You mean that the way the VST is programmed has an impact on how much the pitchbend-automation actually pitchbends?

What I mean is, that pitchbend is a MIDI channel message, specified in the general MIDI specification as 14 Bit message (therefore containig 16384 different discrete values).
Look at the Cubase pitchbend controller lane, and you´ll find +8191 highest value / 0 no pitchbend / -8192 lowest value =total 16384 possible values.
If +8191 means “pitch one semitone” or “pitch 10 octaves” depends on your receiving MIDI instruments and can be determined (if available) in its pitchbend range.

Thanks! That makes sense. =)