Make CD

I know the Basic Audio CD had been removed from WaveLab 10.

I opened Audio Montage and added Wave files but don’t see any way to burn a CD. I’ve searched the PDF manual and Googled but no luck. I’ve been using WaveLab since many versions back but this has me stumped.

WaveLab Pro 10
Windows Latest Update

In the render tab, select whole montage, then you’ll see an option for CD, ddp or audio file.


I tried your suggestion and get the error message–The Audio Montage does not contain and CD track. You can specify CD tracks in the CD Tool Window.

There are Wave files in the Audio Montage.

If i go to CD Tool Window, I can add tracks to Project Manager but they are unrelated to what is in the Audio Montage and I can’t burn a CD.

What am i missing?

You can’t burn a CD without track markers. Look at the CD wizard and run that with the default settings… It will add some basic markers for you. Then you can proceed to burn a CD. You can customize further to your liking as you learn more about Wavelab, markers, and the CD wizard.