Make Chords Last Until Adjacent Chord (Polyphonic Legato)

Link to online manual:

For some kinds of Synth Pads (and some ensemble string patches), I need the chords to be sustained exactly until the beginning of the next chord. All notes within the chords are already quantized and thus have the same length. The Legato command in the Key Editor only works for single lines and not for whole chords and will only lengthen one note of every chord correctly (this does show that it would be theoretically possible if polyphony was recognized). The picture in the online manual is especially contradictory as in the image a polyphonic example is shown. Quantize Lengths does not get the job done either as there are different kinds of lengths involved for every individual chord.
I confidently know this is possible in Ableton and Logic, and even though I do not need this function that often, it is a huge timesaver when I need it. At the moment I have to manually fiddle around with each and every chord to make it adjacent to the subsequent chord, which is especially annoying as I was accustomed to using the automated function before.

I hope someone can help me get this programmed in the Logical Editor as I believe that is going to be the only chance of getting this automated.