Make Chords not working

I select a midi track and from the Project menu select Chord Track\Make Chords. Nothing happens.
I open the midi track in Key Editor. I can select a group of notes and click Add to chord track. That works.
But, selecting each group of notes and then adding the chord is tedious. I’m thinking there should be a simple way just to select a midi track and have all the chords extracted automatically, What am I missing?

What I’ve noticed that if I select too many measure, the program can’t deal with it and nothing is assigned. I’ve found the chords are assigned if I select fewer measures. If I try 16 bars and it fails, then eight bars will usually work. Keep working with it and you’ll get better at making it work for you, I’m sure. Make sure you are checking off “include arpeggios” and so on as well. Sometimes that helps the program determine and assign the chord. Good luck.

Honestly guys I dont understand why you dont play and choose your chords. It cannot be automatic without suffering in quality esthetic and musicality And with all the choices we got and the way we play it Thank God Sting and great hit maker are not doing that… Lets create the rot of the music even with all the technology we got Lets be in control …

Message from moderator:

You are certainly knowledgeable, and your expertise is welcomed here. But you are not welcome to insult members by calling them out for using the automated features, or whatever. This is trolling. Start a discussion in the Lounge about that if you want. Plus, in this case you misunderstood the question. The OP is playing in the chords, then asking Cubase to write the chord symbols.

If Stephen’s suggestion don’t work. post a screen shot of your midi data.
(There needs to be at least three different simultaneous pitches to define a chord.)

Honestly, keep working on it. I’ve gotten some very good results from – playing a part, then doing some analysis on it, then revising that further. The Chord Assistant is a great tool and has helped me find some interesting sounds.

Good luck with it.

For this task, I don’t want to create anything. I just want to analyze a purchased midi file, create the chord track, assign a track to monitor, and then use the Project\Chord Track\Make Chords function to get the basic chords documented real quick so I can create chords/lyrics docs for my guitarists who can read music. The Make Chords function did work for me with Stephen57’s suggestion of selecting only a few bars at a time. Must be a memory limitation or something. But, since upgrading to 8.5.15 the function itself has disappeared from the menu. Looks like they changed it to Create Chord Symbols, and it doesn’t appear to work at all now. Maybe there is some magic I can use, or maybe I’ll just use Riff Station.

Yes, it’s called “Create Chord Symbols” now.
This is working for me in 8.5
Let me ask again - what type of track are you using to generate the chord symbols? Is it a midi guitar or piano track that has 3-note chords? A screen capture of your project would be helpful.

Piano track (midi) with 3 note chords. I will paste image later.

I’ve had some success with the chord track and generating chord symbols from Midi. It does seem to require trial & error based on a few things… Play with Quantize on/off… If on, try quarter notes, 8th notes etc… Also by trying different settings in the “Generate Chord” dialog box. The 'Ignore notes shorter" part can be integral… Try it with or to see if that helps…