Make color gradients in the main window optional

Hi everyone.
I came back to Cubase from years of trying out different DAWs and it feels good to be back home.
I am struggling a bit to cope with the new GUI - all the colour gradients in the main arranger window make it very fatiguing to work with. Too much going on when you use the program for many hours. A flat look would definitely improve legibility. I did a quick search and saw that many people are having the same problem.
Would it be too complicated to implement an option to lose the gradients and go for a flat look please?
Have a good day

There are so many display options in the preferences. Are you sure you can’t adjust the parameters to get the “flat” look you want?

Unfortunately, as far as I know there is no way to attenuate the gradients.
I have searched the forum, the manual and google; please let me know if I’m missing something.