Make cubase 6 available for all users windows 7.

Hi everyone,

I’ve installed Cubase 6 Artist as Admin but I want to make it available for all users.

How can I do this ?

Thank you for your enlightments.

I don’t know how to do this after install.

However, during install there should be a “install for all users” check box in one of the steps.

If the app has already been installed, and you do not want to re-install, you will need to follow the tutorial here:

It’s not as complicated as it looks, but you do need to follow the directions carefully.

Bear in mind that - as stated in that thread - the SHARE tab is for how things are “shared” over the network. The security tab is for how things are shared over the network AND locally.

Good luck.

Thanks a lot !

I will try this.:slight_smile: