Make Cubase Mixer scroll to currently selected channels.


I’m wondering if it’s possible to make Cubase “focus” on the channels selected by a MIDI controller in the Mixer?


I have the Qcon Pro + Ex hardware MIDI-mixer controllers; which gives me a total of 16 tracks to control in the mix simultaneously. What I want is for Cubase to automatically correspond the active channels on the MIDI controller and scroll to them in the Mixer. So if I have channels 1-16 on my controller, they show in the Mixer, and if I jump a page on my controller to, say, channels 17-32, Cubase will automatically scroll to channels 17-32 in the Mixer view.

In the Mixer, you can clearly see which channels are active by the controller (a horizontal white line appears in the bottom of the channel, just above the channel number).


Been wanting to see this happen for a couple years. Don’t think it’s possible as of now. I hope cubase adds this feature someday :frowning: u can set up different mixer scenes though. Which is really cool :smiley:


Well, I think with the AVID Artist Series you have exactly that behaviour.

Means, if you select a track on the Artist Control, it jumps to that channel in the Cubase Mixer (and has some “white” lines on all possible manageable tracks “faders”).
This “white” line is as well visible in the Cubase arranger window.

OK, other product, but close to that what you are looking for… :wink:


I know on my Mackie universal when I select the channel it does go the the channel and the mixer does scroll to it. Then I can use the global view on the Mackie to open the editor. Can also use fader, pan, edit eq, etc… :slight_smile:

Even my cheap Behringer bfc2000 does that ?

Ok so which protocol does your controllers work on? Mine works on (or at least the manual tells me to setup the controller as) Mackie Control.

The white lines are visible in the mixer and do indeed change as I’m scrolling through the pages on my controller. But no focus; the mixer doesn’t scroll automatically. Is there anywhere to activate this setting? Don’t really know what it’s called or what I should be looking for…



OK - with my controllers, I have to push the fadercap first, that the channel in the mixer is selected (jumps to that channel).
After that, the selected channel is the far right one in the mixer window.

I just created a macro within the Controller to smoothless scroll thru all channels with the wheel- but this is controllerspecific. Always the last selected channel is then the far right one in the mixer window.

Just to clarify… :wink:


Thanks for the input.
Yes, this is something like what I want to achieve. But the macro you created only scrolls one channel at a time, right? Would it be possible to create a macro for jumping 8 or 16 channels at a time by a button on the controller, then? That would do what I need. Btw, the controller you’re using, does it run on the Macakie Control protocol, like mine?

Cheers! :slight_smile:


On the AVID Artist controllers, you “jump” thru the channels with the “bank” buttons - each bank has 8 channels (unfortunatelly not 12 channels as it should be with one one Artist Control + one Artist Mix…) - with the “nudge” buttons - each channel forward and backward. With the “Home” and “End” button the very first and very last channel of the MC.
There’s no macro needed.
I’m on the EuCon protocol (not Mackie) and have almost all commands of Cubase available to be programmed. :wink:

… to jump to a specific channel, I have the “tracks” menu to select the desired one - this is helpful to jump directly to the FX- or GRP-channels.
…but this is now far away from the OP :laughing:


Unless I misunderstand you, this is already properly happening. I have a QconPro so the only difference is I don’t have the Ex.

Under tab Devices>mackie control, make sure you are in Cubase mode and NOT compatibility mode. (it may even work under compatibility mode but I haven’t checked)

In CUBASE mode, note that the Qcon track control bank button works as expected shifting 8 channels at once. But you have lost functionality of the 1-channel shift buttons as they now do different functions. To shift one channel at a time hold down the shift button and press the track BANK control buttons. CUBASE mode will also offer additional advantages not found in compatibility mode.
Anyway for example, I can add 100 audio tracks (way more than my multiple monitors allow to be seen) press the right bank control button on the Qcon to shift in banks of 8, (the cubase mixer will NOT follow when shifting. The white scroll line will simply go to the right out of sight.) But once I’m at channel 100 by looking on the Qcon, simply touch the Qcon pot and the Cubase mixer updates or follows to channel 100. Is this what you mean is not happening with your Qcon?

Hi, I use the Mackie MCU. Does anyone know how to achieve this same functionality? I don’t have a “pot” button but would like my screen to correspond with my Mackie control

What the “pot” refers to is the lightly touch of the MCU Fader - just touch the fader without moving it. The MCU physical channel strips are touch sensitive and act like a “touch to select” kinda of way. Cubase will update the out of screen mixer channels and highlight the associated channel strip. Below are eight white lines (under the names of the channel strips) to indicate the Bank Channel Group. As with Mackie Control Protocol, there will be eight of them to correspond to the physical faders of the MCU.

Hope this helps… Cheers!!!

This is exactly what I mean. However, I prefer to disable the Auto Select on the Mackie Control (Qcons), for several purposes. And with Auto select disabled, touching the fader does nothing in Cubase. Thanks for the tip, though.
What I would like is for Cubase to mirror the channel selection on the Qcons at any time, so just by going to next or previous bank on the controller, Cubase would instantly follow.

Can you explain what you mean by “auto select” on the Qcon? I’m assuming you are using Cubase in Cubase Mode and NOT compatibility mode? (In Cubase, under tab Devices>mackie control, select Cubase mode and NOT compatibility mode.)

I think the easy way to explain this is Cubase will always follow any controller using MCU prototype. For example touch the fader (apologies for calling it a pot which is slang :smiley:) on the Qcon and Cubase follows. But unfortunately use the mouse and select a fader in Cubase and Qcon using MCU prototype will not follow (ie. shift channels) Cubase.

exactly the same situation here, waiting for a solution…:frowning:

I had a similar problem with my JAM controller where I could shift the banks, the white lines moved accordingly (very hard to see though don’t you think?) but the mixer didn’t auto scroll with it. So I made a basic macro to happen after the fact by choosing the ‘right’ command in the navigation section of the key commands and then copying it x8. This worked for a brief period and then I must have changed something because now it is not.

Shifting the mixer bank doesn’t really work for me because I can hardly see it. Ideally I’d like to program a shift + Right x8 which highlights the next 8 tracks from where you are and then all faders and planners can just be set to ‘selected’ and you don’t need any pages etc but I can’t seem to programme that initial selection