Make Cubase more accessible to streaming and sharing!

I think one of the reasons Cubase is starting to fall off is the luck of big influencers on the media using it and promoting it. I for a fact, tryd to stream Cubase more then once. It is possible but its not “fun” or “easy” or “pleasing”. To stream Cubase to other platforms like Youtube Twitch and more you have to use external apps and plugins like virtual cables. Most solution’s cost big money, computing power or cause delay and crushes. I think this is really unfortunate because Cubase could really dominate the industry if you could watch more tutorials and streams on the internet!!! The new gen of producers want to use the “easy” or “basic” DAWs like Ableton or FL and they only care about what they can learn on the fast and free on Google.

I’ve tryd to stream Ableton to Discord for a Session with a friend who lives far from me and it was so so easy!!! I didnt even need to setup connections. This is insane.
Imagine Cubase as a platform you can use online, with viewers, friends or even co producers!!!

This feature could really be game changer.
I would love to see this in cubase 13.

Thanks in advance,
Elad vilker (:

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Hello Elad,

you should use the tag system of the forum and add the feature-request tag to your topic.

The reason why people have issues with streaming Cubase’s output to another applications input (and I think this is true only for PC) is that Cubase uses an independent audio system called ASIO. When ASIO was designed its goal was to stay as far away from Windows’ audio system as possible because Windows was, sorry to say, trash back then.

However, streaming becomes easy once you use an audio interface that has a multi-client driver. There might be several companies with such a driver but I know that RME-Audio interfaces have it.
I can route Cubase’ output to OBS, Discord, Zoom, etc. without using any other tool.

For your request to be integrated Steinberg needs to support Windows’ native audio systems (usually called WASAPI). That might not happen any time soon, but you never know.

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Good feature request.

Meanwhile ASIO Link Pro is working well for me, and it’s free.

Here’s a thread discussing using ASIO Link Pro to get audio for non ASIO apps routed ‘in and out’ of Cubase under Windows. Enable the loopback option and it’ll also allow you to stream between ASIO apps. It can also stream many channels per instance (16 by default) among different machines on your LAN. You can do some other interesting things with it in terms of aggregating multiple audio devices on the same machine (network connection over localhost using multiple instances).

If you also need to do the same for MIDI, a good virtual MIDI port does the job. Personally, I like and use a couple of free utilities: loopMIDI (apps running on the same system) and rtpMIDI (MIDI over LAN/WAN/Internet).

For ‘Co Producing’, have a look at VST Connect SE (included with Cubase). There is also a more feature rich Pro Version.

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